Case study: The Richmond Fellowship Scotland

“We selected Carista (from Intrelate) because they have an understanding of the sector in which we operate, and have a good track record with other care providers. Carista offered us a system that could be integrated with our current systems and adapted to our specific needs. Our aim is to give our managers and staff a tool that improves communication, reduces administrative burden and uses our resources better in the delivery of support that brings positive changes in people’s lives.”

Michael Carroll, Exective Director for Finance and Systems, TRFS

About TRFS

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland (TRFS) is a Scottish charity which supports over 2,000 people with a broad range of needs, helping the people they support to live as independently as possible in their own homes and communities. TRFS manage in the region of 190 services in both rural and urban settings, employing more than 2,500 staff and work with 27 local authorities.

Carista to support development strategy

TRFS  were looking for a system to work across all its services, to assist the tailored care delivered by teams at an individual level. Demands on the system include the ability to:

  • Integrate technologies such as smart phones
  • Become an integral part of their infrastructure strategy
  • Operate across a wide geographic spread (including remote areas)
  • Aggregate outcome measurements and key performance indicators
  • Rota management
  • Provide information for individuals, staff and funders

“It was important we all invested the time to ensure current processes at The Richmond Fellowship Trust would successfully translate into new efficient electronic ways of working. The management team had the vision of how they wanted technology to work for them and are focused on making that a reality. These benefits will be experienced across the spectrum of TRFS.”

 Neil Campbell, Managing Director, Intrelate Limited (Creators of Carista)