Case study: Affinity Trust

“It was important that we introduced an IT solution that enabled our managers to input data and to receive management information they could then use to help them manage their resources as effectively as possible. The system needed to be intuitive, reliable, adaptable and be integrated easily into other IT platforms. Carista has so far been able to meet all of our goals and we are looking forward to introducing further developments that will enable our staff to deliver the highest level of support to the people we support.”

Alan Marshall, Director of Operations and Quality, Affinity Trust

About Affinity Trust

Affinity Trust is a national charity providing person-centred, innovative approaches to support adults living with learning disabilities live more independently. Affinity Trust supports around 700 people throughout England and Scotland and employs around 1500 people in eight regional divisions.

Carista to improve focus on performance

Affinity Trust has grown rapidly over the past five years and management information systems required updating to:

  • To improve consistency & compliance
  • Reduce risk
  • Be cost effective
  • Support decision-making

With social care budgets increasingly under pressure, resulting in local authorities requiring more hours of support for less money, Affinity Trust wanted to protect front-line support by utilising technology to be more efficient and streamline processes. Management time needs to be focused on performance of the organisation rather than administration.

“Affinity Trust’s team has a vast amount of experience within their eight divisions. Much consideration is needed for streamlining processes following a period of rapid growth. Reviewing these processes is an intrinsic part of ensuring the success of a Carista implementation.

Neil Campbell, Managing Director, Intrelate Ltd (Creators of Carista)