Why does it take people so long to buy software?

Let’s be honest – we sell software.

We sell software that can make a considerable difference to Social Care Organisations.

The difficulty is that for these organisations, often you don’t really know what the full impact of that difference is going to be, across the whole organisation.

For all organisations, in all areas, it is much simpler to stick with what you already have – you know what you are dealing with, you know how it all works together. Even if it is less than ideal, it is known and it works.

If you need to change, the next simplest thing is to extend what you have already got; to do more with the people and suppliers you already have – again they are known, and it works.

And yet sometimes you feel that you may need to add something or someone else new in order to achieve what you need.

In that instance, there are two key questions that you need to answer –

  1. “How would we know when it was time to bring in someone or something new rather than expand what we’ve already got?”
  2. “How would we know that we could handle the impact of adding something new?”

In answering these questions – don’t look at us!

We don’t know, we sell software!

The answers to those questions lie within your own organisation, and they are unique for every organisation.

What we do know, is that until you answer the two questions satisfactorily for everyone concerned it is virtually impossible to buy and/or implement new software. In fact there is an argument that you should not even be looking at solution options until you have first asked and thoroughly answered the two questions.

In order to help you thoroughly answer the questions, we’ve created 13 different questions. We think they might help.

Review them, download them, copy them, feel free to do what ever you wish with them… just don’t try to answer them too quickly. Take your time, explore within your organisation what the real answers are and build an accurate picture, unique to you.

And if at the end of that, you decide that you do need to add something new, and you understand what that may mean for you as an organisation – feel free to contact us, we may be able to help.

We will also be happy to hear from you if you are not sure about what a question means or where to get an answer and we will be happy to hear from you if you think a question could be improved for others.

On the other hand, if at the end of the questions, you decide that you can happily continue as you are and don’t need us – that’s fine as well.

Download the 13 key questions or complete the form below

Are you ready for new software? – 13 questions overview page to print or share (PDF)

Are you ready for new software? – Editable form (Word document)

Are you ready for new software? – Editable form (PDF)

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