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Carista is for people who care.

There is always someone who cares

Why use Carista?

Store information

Integrate with existing systems to centralise data. Add elements to meet all your information needs.

Plan for care

Real-time information management for planning and decision-making. Calculate options and create quotations for support.

Manage the care

Manage timesheets, contracts, rotas and funding for individuals. Quantify support with outcome-based support plans.

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Carista Timeline

Track care wherever you are

Carista Timeline keeps you aware of what is happening with the person you care for. Stay informed, receive alerts, and keep a record of care from friends, family or professional carers.

Budget Planner

Self Directed Support tool

An introduction to the Budget Planner within Carista – ideal for Self Directed Support and Individual Budgets.

Carista Outcomes

Measure Social Care Outcomes

A brief overview of measuring Social Care Outcomes using Carista software. This is a summary of the full Outcomes video.

Budget Manager

Track funding, plan ahead and manage costs

Following on from the Carista Budget Planner, the Budget Manager is ideal for Self Directed Support or other Personalisation and Individual Budget scenarios.

Compare Carista options


• Any organisation size
• Quick start – No rotas


• Organisations <£2m turnover
• Full Carista


• Organisations >£2m turnover
• Full Carista


• Large organisations
• Tailored specification

  • An individually developed solution based upon existing Carista functionality. Please contact us to arrange a discussion.

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Carr Gomm, a £16m turnover organisation with around 700 staff and volunteers, has documented an annual return of around £130,000 year on year following their adoption of Carista! The main areas of saving include automation of timesheets, absence logging and management information gathering & reporting. Contact us to obtain your own Return on Investment Calculator.
Yes. We have extensive experience in mapping process for our clients. We also have access to freelance consultants who are experienced in the social care market that you can commission independently to help you make the correct decisions about how to apply Carista.
In order to assist your implementation effort, we are able to provide a range of consultancy services including project management, training, and data migration. We also have extensive experience of integrating Carista with your existing systems, such as HR, Payroll, and Finance, in order to provide a fully integrated solution across your organisation.

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